Through Infinity’s many years, we have had more than the occasional customer ask:

      Do you know anyone who that could help us with …?

We have worked hand-in-hand with some very dedicated companies and people, and while we do not always have someone to refer, more times than not we can be of assistance.  With that in mind, we have created this list of high quality companies who can service your fence related needs as well as many non-fence needs.

We truly feel these folks are dedicated to providing customers with the same level of attention, quality and service as you have come to expect from Infinity Fence Inc., so we hope this helps you in your other endeavors.

If you have any questions or concerns about these listings, please feel free to contact us.

Land Surveying


Boundary Zone
Boundary Zone Inc.
Tel: 919-363-9226


Scalice Land Surveying
Scalice Land Surveying
Tel: 855-476-4111

Tree Servies:  Removel, Stump Grinding & Care


Monkey Tree Service
 Monkey Tree Service
Tel: 919-449-1046


Young's Tree Tech
 Young’s Tree Tech
Tel: 919-420-0404


Jacksons Tree Service
 Jackson’s Tree Service
Tel: 919-832-5212

Landscaping, Design & Nursery


Gardens of the Carolinas

Gardens of the Carolionas (landcape & design)
Tel: 919-848-2022

Lindsey Landscaping
Lindsey Landscaping & Design
Tel: 919-387-7500


 Macon Gardens
Macon Gardens (nursery & landscaping services)
Address:  2704 Burlington Mill Road, Wake Forest NC 27587
Tel: 919-556-8009

Decks & Sheds


Setting Sun Patios & Decks
Setting Sun Patios & Decks
Tel: 919-272-0050


NC Shed Builders
NC Shed Builders
Tel: 919-291-7299

Masonry & Stonework


 JA Stonework
J&A Stone Works
Tel:  919-768-3842

Total Masonry
Total Masonry
 Tel:  919-255-0989


Home Renovations & Repair


Pedro Paz Construction

Pedro Paz Construction
Tel:  919-337-8651

Tile with Style
Tile With Style
Tel:  919-367-9969

Craigs Appliance Services
Craig’s Appliance Service
Tel:  919-427-3940

Franks Appliance Repair
Franks’ Appliance Repair, Inc
Tel:  919-851-7075

Home Builders


Elm Street Builders
Elm Street Builders
Tel: 919-529-5993

Welding Servies & Fabrication


Earls Protable Welding

Earl’s Portable Welding Service
Tel: 919-567-0442

Access Control


no referals at this time.

Tool Repair


Small Engines Unlimited

Small Engines Unlimited
Tel:  919-556-5485

Insurance Services


Walters Associates

Walters & Associates
Tel: 919-847-0348

Property Management


CAS Poperty Management

Tel:  877-420-9320

Search Engine Optimization


Raleigh SEO Company

Raleigh SEO Company



Pro Set

Pro Set Basketball Goal Installaton & Sales
Tel:  919-782-9242