Through the years there has been one item that has always been the most valuable in helping customers visualize their fence of choice. Pictures…to be more precise, pictures of fencing.

Back in the technological dark ages of fencing, we carried around albums of fence pictures which meant either limiting the amount of pictures we could show our customers or hiring a small ensemble to help carry them all. Today, thanks to the wonderful advancements of technology, we we have our fence pictures on-line, here….on this technologically advanced web site, and our new and improved fence gallery.

Whilst updating the pictures, we found our pre & early digital photos of our fence projects had not aged very well, thus we decided to re-scan and clean up the old pictures as best we could to bring them into the modern era. Unfortunately, for many of the far older pictures, there was little we could do, so we created multi-pics of these to display older fence styles & techniques, as well as work we are quite fond that just brought back wonderful memories.

We hope you find these all helpful, and remember, if you have any questions, please feel free to call us (919-846-2229), email us or fill out our contact form.

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